The Weird West

Daddy's Boy Part II

Nos Nunquam Somnus

Picking up right where the last session ended, Vincent stumbles as he exits the barn, alerting the mysterious gunmen. Hightower tries to negotiate with them to avoid violence, but they say they have orders. Then the shooting starts. To their horror, the party discovers that the six gunmen are armed with Gatling pistols.

When most of the party crept out the east end of the old barn, Argent New Haven had sneaked out of the west end and remained hidden. After calling upon his faith in the Omnimessiah to shield him, he waits for the right opportunity to strike. Argent’s waiting is quickly spoiled by Rob Conway, who smashes his way out of the barn and lumbers towards the gunmen. Argent tries to use his bulk for cover to get close enough to engage the shooters in melee.

Using both hexes and bullets, Jack kills several of the gunmen over the course of the shootout. Hightower and Vincent try to find a way to spook the marauders’ horses but the beasts appear to be drugged and ignore everything that happens around them—until Vincent accidentally kills one of the horses, pinning one of the shooters beneath it.

The remaining attackers have been trying to bring down Rob Conway with shots to his head, but they have had trouble landing a solid hit. The pinned man tosses an explosive at the automaton, but only cripples it rather than destroying it. The remaining gunmen are killed trying to flee. On each of the bodies, the characters find another card with a the same symbol on it. Each time one is picked up barehanded, the same inscrutable writing appears on the back only to vanish moments later. But no such writing appears when Jack picks up a card using a fold of cloth.

Hightower and Argent interrogate the surviving gunman while Vincent tries to repair the damaged Rob Conway. The gunmen says he was contracted to track and destroy the automaton, though he doesn’t know the client. He explains that the symbol on the cards is the logo of his employer, the Pinkerton Detective Agency, and that he was acting on orders from Alan Pinkerton himself. The gunman and his companions set out from the Pinkerton branch office in Salina, Kansas. He also admits that “the Wizard” is a Pinkerton client. Worst of all, the scribbles on the back of the cards are the heroes’ names, which are being transmitted back to Pinkerton headquarters.

Vincent is able to get Rob back on his feet, but the automaton is badly damaged and its not clear how much longer he can last. The party leaves Rob to converse with Sherilyn and Jamie as another pair of riders approach the farmhouse: a Cheyenne medicine woman and a mountain man with a big rifle strapped to his back.

The medicine woman was the same person who initially freed Rob from his programming and she’s tracked him down to destroy him. The party ultimately agrees, so long as Rob consents. The heroes tell her what they’ve learned about the Pinkertons, the Wizard, and the seeming conspiracy to frame the Army for attacks on the Cheyenne. The medicine woman has never heard of “the Wizard,” but she admits the Cheyenne are surrounded by enemies.

The medicine woman reveals that the Conways are friends of the Cheyenne and agrees to stay on the farm for a few more days until Rob and his family are ready for her to give him peace. The old woman takes the Pinkerton into custody, promising that he will face Cheyenne justice. She also pledges to place Sherilyn and Jamie under the tribe’s protection.

The heroes decide to spend the night and set out the next morning. Once they’ve escorted the Professor and Ms. Freeman to Denver, they’ll have to see about dealing with the Pinkertons.


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