The Weird West

Escape on a Hot Air Balloon

The party's efforts to free Pinkerton hit a bit of a snag

With the ID cards to avoid mystical detection, the party decides to march straight through the front doors of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, posing as agents from the Arizona Office.

Vincent charms one of the receptionists, Jolene, into telling them how to get straight to Mr. Pinkerton. Vincent also sets up a date with her that evening.

The founder of the Pinkertons has a suite on the top floor of the building, but the party decides to stop on the Special Projects floor to try and procure advanced weapons. They manage to talk the lead scientist into putting in an order for several devices, to be delivered to them at Pinkerton’s suite.

After bluffing their way through more security, the party reaches its destination and steps into the antechamber outside Pinkerton’s suite. Unfortunately, his personal secretary is unconvinced by the heroes’ story. The secretary soon reveals himself as a Rakshasa and tries to prevent the party from reaching Pinkerton. Once the creature is defeated, the heroes use its oddly-shaped hand to break the sealing spell on Pinkerton’s quarters and step inside.

Allan Pinkerton is mildly annoyed that they took so long to get him out, but that quickly turns to fear as a series of explosions rock the building. Pinkerton warns that Hellstromme has come to finish him off. The party quickly decides to head to the roof to escape on one of the autogyros housed there.

Unfortunately, the roof has been overrun with Clockwork Tarantulas. While Vincent and Pinkerton try to prepare one of the autogyros for take off, the rest of the party clashes with the automatons. They are soon joined by a pair of augmented gunmen dropped onto the roof from two Hellstromme autogyros. The augments rake the heroes with their Gatling guns while the autogyros circle around above, firing.

After clearing out the mechanical spiders and the gunmen, the heroes hear banging on the door from people desperate to get to the roof. Hightower had jammed the door shut with a crowbar, but now opens it. Jolene and another Pinkerton agent stumble out onto the roof. Jolene warns that Hellstromme’s automatons have burst into the building and are killing everyone, floor by floor. Hightower pitches a stick of dynamite down the stairwell to discourage further visitors, while Maria picks off one of the autogyro pilots.

Vincent reveals that the autogyro can only safely carry four people. It is decided that he will pilot the vehicle, carrying Pinkerton, Jolene, and the other agent, while the rest of the party finds another route down.

As the launch catapult hurls the autogyro off the roof, Vincent deftly avoids crashing into the hot air balloon that is rising up beside the building. Inside the balloon’s gondola are Lodge and several troops. He throws down a rope ladder to the rest of the party just as Maria finishes off the pilot of the other Hellstromme autogyro.

Lodge explains that Hellstromme emptied his factories of war machines and sent them after the Pinkertons. When that happened, the Secret Service agent diverted a trainload of Marines heading west to join the hunt for Custer. The Marines are presently fighting the automatons throughout the Junkyard. Vincent safely lands the autogyro at the Marine’s rail yard command post, while Lodge escorts the rest of the party there.


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