The Weird West

Interview with a Vampire

Convinced that Scar, the gladiator sponsored by Greta von Breuner is the augmented sasquatch sought by mystical forger Maximilian Hunt, the heroes decide to pay the Austrian aristocrat a visit. They choose to head over in the middle of the day, when the vampire will be most vulnerable.

After shooting the lock off the iron gate, they approached the shrouded mansion and try to figure the best way to break inside. To let in some light, they toss a brick through a second floor window (after Jack first scribbles a comment about Vincent onto it). Ultimately, they kick the front door down and charge inside.

Greta’s butler then promptly shoots Argent New Haven in the neck. After trading fire with the butler (and blowing up a chandelier), Hightower wounds the man and forces him to surrender. He declares he will never betray Lady von Breuner, citing his family’s centuries of service to her father the Count. Hightower is only interested in Scar and demands to know the gladiator’s location.

“Normally, he is kept in the basement. But right now, he’s behind you.”

A monstrous patchwork man augmented with heavy armor a buzz saw and a chain saw for hands, Scar had sneaked around behind the party on the butler’s orders. With the party distracted by the gladiator, the butler seizes a rapier from a wall display and attacks Hightower. In the ensuing melee, the butler is finally slain and Scar is slowly battered into unconsciousness.

“Who is Vincent?”

The party then encounters the Lady von Breuner, who had stayed on the second floor during the fight (and has the brick). She’s annoyed that they barged in and killed her prize fighter and her butler (“It such a shame you killed Otto; now there’s no one to clean him up”), but it’s only part of her general disgust with the Junkyard. Tired of dealing with the Hellstromme, the Wizard, and the Dark Woman, Greta cheerily tells the heroes what she knows.

According to the pale blond vampire, Hellstromme is in league with the Wizard, who is trying to start a war in the West as a necessary part of a ritual to break down the barriers between this world and the Spirit World. Greta’s family of vampires, which grows strong when the walls between the worlds are thin, initially supported the plan but after repeated failures with (the Cheyenne and Tinker Taylor) has decided to cut ties with the Wizard. Greta is also annoyed that the Wizard’s distaste for civilian casualties has prevented her from killing any prey.

Greta promises to leave town that night and happily lets the heroes haul off the unconscious Scar. She also reveals that she had brought a handful of Nosferatu with her to the Junkyard, at her father’s insistence, but she hates the creatures and plans to kill the last remaining one before she goes.

The vampire and the heroes part company amicably, with Maria fetching a wagon to carry the patchwork man away. Although Scar is not the sasquatch, the forger is nonetheless happy with the prize and provides the party with the last ID card they need to get everyone into the Pinkerton headquarters.


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