The Weird West

Night of the Long Teeth

Imprisoned and unarmed, the party successfully repels a vampire attack

After successfully slaying Mr. Schmidt’s pet nosferatu, the heroes emerge from the burning hotel to find the local Temperance League calling for their arrest for violating the town’s weapons ordinance. Sheriff Roark reluctantly leads them off to jail, but tells them it’ll be a few days until the railroad situation is resolved anyway, so they may as well lay low.

The party is held in a single cell at the back of the Sheriff’s Office, while Maria is led upstairs to a different holding area. A few hours into their stay, the heroes are joined by an elegantly dressed magician, the Fantastic Fezzini, who has been locked up after being accused of witchcraft by the Temperance League. The party discusses ways to discredit the League’s sour-faced leader and Fezzini beats Vincent in a poker game in which Jack observes that they both cheat.

As the sun sets, Fezzini recalls his knowledge of vampire lore from his days touring the Austrohungarian Empire and wonders what became of the nosferatu’s victims. With some effort, the party alerts the deputy on duty (a League member) and convinces him to put a watch on the graveyard.

Nonetheless, the Nosferatu attack the Sheriff’s Office. The deputy frees the party, but their only weapons are cups of water blessed by Argent New Haven in the name of the Omnimessiah and the switch blade he smuggled inside. Vincent tries to rush upstairs to get his devices from Hazardous Materials Storage, but enters the wrong room and gets ambushed by a nosferatu spawn. Argent jumps in after him and the two end up soaking one another with their cups of holy water. A second vampire appears and strikes down the deputy.

Hightower has more luck upstairs, where he manages to sneak onto the balcony while a nosferatu bangs uselessly on the Hellstrommium-plated door to Hazardous Materials Storage. Out on the balcony, Hightower comes face to face with another vampire, but gives it a face full of holy water, slaying it. Retrieving a Winchester rifle from a dead deputy, Hightower faces down the nosferatu while Maria emerges from inside Hazardous Storage with a Colt Peacemaker. It is Fezzini the magician who strikes the first blow, however; materializing behind the creature and blasting it with some kind of spell. Hightower then handily dispatches the beast.

Fezzini retrieves his lovely assistant Sally, who had been locked up with Maria, and the two of them vanish, but not before the magician urges Hightower to stop by his show: “We have much to discuss.”

Hightower and Maria race downstairs with Vincent’s equipment. Below, the rest of the party has engaged in a desperate struggle with the two remaining vampires, using weapons confiscated from the gun repository. In the darkness, however, it is difficult to strike a killing blow. Hightower shows them how it’s done by gunning down one of the other nosferatu from behind. The other makes a break for it and the party piles onto him.

Bleeding from a dozen wounds, crippled in one leg, its guts hanging out and its clothes on fire, the last nosferatu staggers outside in time to be shot through the heart by a mysterious man in a black hat, who nods at the heroes before disappearing into the night.

The Sheriff and his men arrive a few minutes later. They killed two more of the things elsewhere in town; the nosferatu appear to have emerged from a hidden basement beneath the Bee Line warehouse. Publicly, the Sheriff declares that the heroes had already been deputized and the whole thing was merely a ruse to lure the monsters into a trap. The members of the Temperance League studiously avoid the public eye for the next few days, while the heroes heal up and make purchases.


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