The Weird West

The Train Job

A Liar, a Witch, and a Railroad

After stocking up on supplies while the Bee Line situation is sorted out, the heroes decide to take the Fantastic Fezzini up on his offer and attend his show at the Powderkeg Theater. There, Fezzini asks for a volunteer for a disappearing trick and gets Vincent. The magician warns Vincent that at the back of the crowd is a Pinkerton agent who has been tracking them since they arrived in town: it’s the man in the black hat who slew the last of the nosferatu.

Vincent is sealed up inside a man-sized box on stage for the trick, but decides to pull a trick of his own. Using his newest invention, he teleports behind the Pinkerton and quietly walks him outside at gunpoint for a little chat. The man is Luke Plummer and he’s been trying to find the right time to present the heroes with an offer from Allan Pinkerton himself.

Mr. Pinkerton wants to turn state’s evidence against the Wizard, but he’s become a virtual prisoner in his own headquarters, as the Dark Woman has gotten her mystical hooks into most of his men. He wants to hire the party to bust him out and he’ll tell every secret he knows about the Wizard. The party ultimately decides to take up the offer. Plummer warns them that Allan Pinkerton stays on the top floor of the headquarters, but to get onto the upper floors without setting off a mystical alarm they’ll need Pinkerton cards. He suggests nabbing some off of other Pinkerton agents, but not letting the cards come into contact with their skin. Plummer promises to meet up with them in the Junkyard, after he takes care of some other business.

The party follows up this meeting by visiting the Fantastic Fezzini in his dressing room. Fezzini reveals his true identity as the Mad Arab, having faked his own death with the connivance of the Sheriff. The two men have an arrangement, under which the Mad Arab only targets Bee Line trains. But he’s a double agent, working for the Dark Woman so that his “attacks” serve as distractions from other activities.

The Mad Arab is getting tired of doing someone else’s bidding, particularly given how the Wizard uses and disposes of people like him. He wants to bring the heroes on board so they can ambush the Dark Woman and he can keep her off his back while he loots the baggage car. The party agrees to join in and decide to stock up on dynamite to deal with the Dark Woman.

Jack also quizzes the Mad Arab about his knowledge of the supernatural; he uses his robberies to fund his occult research, which he is composing into a book. Magic seems to run in his family: his father was the court astrologer to the Khedive in Cairo. The Mad Arab admits to being present when the Dark Woman sent the Hateful Thing after Jack, though he doesn’t know why the hexslinger was targeted. He warns that the Dark Woman is probably not human, though he doesn’t know what manner of creature she is.

The party, with an enthusiastic Maria in tow, follow the Mad Arab and his lovely assistant Sally out to a shack in the desert, where the magician keeps his flying carpets. Most of the party enjoys the flight, but Vincent spends the whole time gripping the wooden frame for dear life. They land on top of the baggage car and quickly part ways with the Mad Arab, who heads into the baggage car while the heroes track back through the train to find the Dark Woman.

Eventually, they arrive at the First Class car, where someone has left the door to a private cabin open. Inspecting the room, Hightower, Jack and Argent discover a plate with a pile of raw meat on it. At this point, Bee Line security guards approach from the rear of the train while something flits onto the roof of the car.

Argent holds off the security guards while the rest of the party clambers onto the roof to face the Dark Woman. Dressed in mourning black, she’s floating several feet above the car. Although she uses telekinesis to hurl Jack backwards, the party wears her down with a steady stream of fire until she drops lifeless onto the train car.

As more guards swarm up the train towards them, Argent unhooks the cars to let the party speed away. The Mad Arab takes this opportunity to float by on his carpet and congratulate the heroes—before wishing them a speedy trip to hell on the doomed train. He flies away cackling, but Hightower manages to wing him with a Winchester shot. The heroes notice that the train’s acceleration is increasing as it hurtles towards a city.

Jack, Vincent, and Hightower race towards the train engine, while Argent tries to evacuate the remaining cars & then decouple them from the out of control train. Hightower falls and injures his leg, but Jack and Vincent manage to stagger to the front of the train, where they find the engineers tied up and unconscious and the controls sabotaged.

On a hunch, Jack blasts a section of the controls with a bolt of magic, managing to fuse some cut portions. Vincent is then able to regain control and with help from Jack and Argent, pulls down on the break lever just as the train grinds its way into Junkyard Station. The party then limps away before the authorities arrive.


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