The Weird West


The bigger they are, the more loot you can strip off of them

After the previous evening’s events, the party meets with Mr. Lodge to review their current status and discuss next steps. Lodge doesn’t have much information on Greta von Breuner they don’t already know, but he does have some leads for finding the last two enchanted cards necessary for the whole party to enter the Pinkerton Headquarters without setting off alarms.

Some of the guards they defeated on the train were Pinkerton agents and would have cards on them. To Lodge’s knowledge, no one has recovered the bodies. There is also a mystical forger, Maximilian Hunt, who might be able to fake up a card—for a price. The party decides to go with option A.

They rent a horse and cart and follow the railroad tracks until they start running across bodies along a particularly barren and lifeless stretch of track. They search the bodies and find nothing, but they find themselves several corpses short. Hightower spots a set of tracks leading away from the rail line towards a rocky outcropping. Following the tracks, the heroes spy an unconscious guard slumped on the rock—and at that moment Jack notices several young Rattlers approaching.

While the rest of the party leaps up onto the rock, Argent New Haven stands his ground and fends off the critters with his sword while Hightower and Maria snipe them from relative safety. Once the monsters are slain, the party hauls the fatigued Pinkerton back to the cart—just in time for the rumbling approach of the mother Rattler.

Maria takes the reins, while the rest of the party tries to fend off the giant worm. Jack gets grabbed by a tentacle, but Argent manages to shoot him free. Vincent discovers his flamethrower has trouble penetrating the creature’s leathery hide. Hightower tosses a stick of dynamite at the creature but only wounds it. Spying the nexus of tentacles as the Rattler opens its maw, Hightower manages to get off a killing shot with his Winchester right at the cognitive node.

Jack recognizes that Rattler hide is a valuable commodity and while Argent guards the kill, the rest of the party returns to the Junkyard, where they strike up a deal with the Crooked Razors to skin the monster and split the profits.

Returning to the hotel with their prisoner, the Hightower and Vincent get him to talk about the layout and security of the Pinkerton Headquarters. But the party is still short one card to get into the building undetected. Lodge sets up a meeting with the forger Maximilian Hunt, who is presently operating out of the rail yard. The forger is willing to create a copy of the enchanted card, but only if the party obtains an augmented Sasquatch which escaped with its unmodified companion from the Hellstromme labs.

Hightower suspects that the Sasquatch is in fact the mysterious gladiator “Scar” that Greta von Breuner has been sponsoring. A little investigating suggests that the creature is being kept inside her mansion in the Junkyard. The party begins to work out a plan…


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