Governor Waite

Waite has a wild, flowing white mane and beard that makes him look like an Old Testament prophet who has survived a lightning strike.


A former organizer for the Knights of Labor, Davis Hanson Waite was elected Governor of Colorado in 1878, running on both the Populist and Democratic tickets. He ran a reform platform, pledging to clean up the massive corruption that had taken hold in the state, particularly in Denver. Depending on who you ask, Waite is either the champion of the working man or an out of control lunatic who wants to hang every businessman in the state.

Governor Waite is known by the nickname “Old Bloody Bridles,” after a speech in which he warned that if monied interests try to block reform, it could lead to violence “for it is infinitely better that blood should flow to the horses’ bridles rather than our national liberties be destroyed.”


Governor Waite

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