Jed Lawson

A leathery-skinned zombie in a gray uniform, a rifle slung from his back


Jed was a Texas ranch hand who met and married the young Eliza Fortuna. After the war broke out, Jed was conscripted. Eliza’s mother made him swear he would return to his wife as long as his heart still beat.

Unfortunately, this promise was a binding curse. When Jed was killed at the Battle of Franklin in 1864, he couldn’t quite die until he found his wife. He wandered for several years, only able to move freely at night, until he tracked her down. Horrified at the sight of him, Fortuna has been using a white buffalo hide ward to repel him. Each night, he rises from his hiding place and tries to approach, calling out her name. His presence has forced her to change towns several times.

The party convinced Fortuna to meet with him and accept his farewell, allowing him to pass in piece. They also burned his body.

Jed Lawson

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