John Hightower

Big. Quiet. Really big.


Attributes: Agility d6; Smarts d4; Strength d6; Spirit d6; Vigor d8

Skills: Shooting d10; Riding d6; Survival d4; Tracking d4; Guts d6; Intimidation d6; Fighting d6; Notice d4

Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 7


  • Loyal: Never leaves a man behind if he can help it.
  • Pacifist (minor): Believes violence should always be the last resort.
  • Bad Luck: Gets one less benny each session.


  • Nerves of Steel: 1 wound penalty does not effect him
  • Improved Nerves of Steel: 1 additional wound penalty does not effect him
  • Brawny: +1 Toughness, can carry up to 8 times his Strength score
  • Hip-Shooting: only suffers -2 when fanning a pistol, rather than -4


  • Winchester ’76 (Lucille) (24/48/96; RoF 1; 2d8; AP 2; shots 15)
  • Colt Peacemaker, Single Action (12/24/48; RoF 1; 2d6+1; AP 1; shots 6)
  • Bowie Knife (Str+d4+1; AP 1)

Gear: backpack, bedroll, mess kit, pipe, cheap whiskey, matches, simple clothing

Money: $283.75

XP: 10


A native of New York City, he served in the Civil War as a Sergeant in the 31st U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment.

John Hightower

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