Slim, with tangled dark hair and brown eyes, a lazy grin perpetually on her face


Maria was raised on a ranch in New Mexico, but was driven off it by the Santa Fe Railroad. She turned to the shady life of a gunslinger, where she’s been trying to make a name for herself. She’s succeeded in make a number of enemies, so she thinks she’s halfway there.

Maria first encountered the heroes while posing as a pregnant woman on the run from the men who had killed her husband. The party then caught up with her in the Colorado Rockies, where she roped them into a quest to retrieve a stolen device from the mines beneath the town of Whateley. When that job resulted in Vincent destroying the device and Maria setting off a bomb that collapsed half a mountain, she decided to tag along with the party. After fighting nosferatu in Defiance, she joined in the ambush of the Dark Woman on the Bee Line train, where she fired the fatal shots. When the party arrived in the Junkyard, she revealed that she got her twin Colt Peacemakers off of the noted gunslinger Johnny Ringo and she claimed to have killed him.


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