Noah Whateley

Emissary of the Devourers


Noah Whateley was originally a grizzled prospector from some obscure town in Massachusetts, known for his wild eyes and sinister demeanor. His discovery of the first major lode of aetherstone, however, turned him into a minor celebrity and led him to found the town of Whateley.

Present-day Noah Whateley looks nothing like his old self. He has a become a hideous half-squid creature, with slimy blue-gray skin, mandibles, and two clumps of tentacles instead of legs.

Whateley had led the Cult of Nycho-Teuthis until he was displaced by his granddaughter Rebecca Whateley, who supported the creature’s new industrialized vision. Noah Whateley tried to cut a deal with the party, but was unceremoniously executed by Jack.

Noah Whateley

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