Rebecca Whateley

A flame-haired woman with blazing eyes and an arm of steel


Rebecca Whateley was a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology until strange visions drove her west, where she encountered the thing that had been her grandfather and was inculcated into the cult of Nycho-Teuthis. She sold her family’s claim to the mine to Mr. Mechum, so that he would clear a path down to the buried god. She also bought fully into the creature new, mechanized vision of the apocalypse and came to view her grandfather as too weak to lead.

After ousting Old Whateley, she then sacrificed her right arm as an offering to the dweller in the deeps, replacing it with a powerful new mechanical arm. Rebecca was preparing to sacrifice Maria in a ritual that would have freed Nycho-Teuthis from his subterranean prison, but the party interrupted. After her followers were killed, Rebecca managed to exchange Maria for her own chance to escape.

Rebecca Whateley

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