The Mad Arab

A slender man with olive skin, a dark goatee, and eyes of mismatched blue and green


Abdul Alhazred, AKA the Mad Arab, AKA the Fantastic Fezzini, is a powerful hexslinger who was the son of the court astrologer for the Khedive in Egypt. He is a student of the occult and is currently composing a book based on his investigations.

He encountered the heroes while posing as a magician, the Fantastic Fezzini, after faking his own death in his other incarnation as the Mad Arab. He helped the party battle a group of nosferatu, but abandoned them as soon as his lovely assistant Sally was safe.

The Mad Arab later exposed a Pinkerton agent who was tracking the party and convinced the heroes accompany him on his latest train robbery in order to ambush the Dark Woman. After looting the baggage car, he sabotaged the train and abandoned the heroes on board it, but suffered a parting shot from Hightower.

The Mad Arab

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