Burninator 9000

The Flame that Burnt down the West

weapon (ranged)

According to Vincent, the Burninator 9000 got its start, like many of Black Weirdwerks Inc.’s unique products, completely by accident. After reading an article on aetherstone infused super-cooled objects in a scientific journal he borrowed from the library in Portland, Vincent got the idea of creating a freeze gun to aid police in non-lethal deterrence. The general idea was that the device would snap-freeze organic material in a matter of seconds which would allow a policeman to stop a runner in his tracks.

After quickly assembling some parts together with scrap metal and second hand parts, he had his device ready. As with all new equipment safety, he took his new invention (about the size of a long barreled handgun) to the neighbors barn that happened to house this year’s county fair’s blue ribbon cow. He fired the device at some eggs he found inside, which did in fact snap freeze them. However, Vincent made a slight miscalculation in the heat generator. The energy transformer within the gun gets incredibly hot during the process and in order to cool it, it needs to dissipate the heat. The heat is collected in heat sinks that convert the heated byproduct of liquid aetherstone infused water into steam, in which it is safely exhausted via the side vents of the device. However the steam produced passes over an open an open circuit within the gun as it exits the vents. The resulting arc and steam shot out a burst of aetherstone flame so strong it melted the metal latches shut on the barn door for the cow, and caught the beams on fire. Seeing the situation deteriorate, Vincent fled the scene without his device, which was one of the reasons for his departure from Portland.

A recent event in his travels sparked an interest in the side-effect of his previous invention, and after reconfiguring the layout of the original design and taking weaponizing design features from a broken fireball shooting device from previous advisories, created the Burninator 9000.

The device itself is about the size of rifle, although its slightly heftier due to the tech and aetherstone power clip. One of its revolutionary design features is that unlike traditional weird science flame projection devices, this one does not require dangerous tanks of fuel to power the shots, it consumes “clip” like power generators that recharge during the cooling processes, allowing for 5 blasts per full charge on the clip. This makes for a safer, less cumbersome device without sacrificing effectiveness nor giving the user a huge weak point mounted on ones back.

Vincent can regularly seen with this particular weapon slung across his back during passages through towns and villages, and is often seen wielding it during more violent encounters. He seems to be tinkering with some of the schematics as of late, possibly to add new functionality to the device to give it more utility in the field.

Burninator 9000

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