Cheyenne Territory


The Cheyenne are one of the most powerful tribes in the Weird West, having successfully resisted federal troops in the years following the terrible massacre at Sand Creek in 1864. The Cheyenne homeland in the region around the southeast quadrant of Colorado is de facto recognized by the U.S. Government, which now merely patrols its borders. The Cheyenne continue to welcome peaceful travelers, however, and make a fair portion of their living off of trade.


Cheyenne Territory presently stretches from the area just west of Dodge City into southeast Colorado and down into northeast New Mexico, the Oklahoma panhandle, and northern Texas. Isolated groups of Cheyenne remain in Montana and Wyoming, but they have had less success securing their lands from settlers.


The Cheyenne are governed by the Council of Forty-four, although individual bands have a strong degree of autonomy.

Religious Practices

The Cheyenne follow the Old Ways, with most tribal members shunning manufactured goods and advanced technology. This has not kept them from successfully resisting the Cavalry, which has perplexed some officials in Washington.

Cheyenne Territory

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