Cult of the Omnimessiah

The cult of the Omnimessiah emerged in Roman Gaul during the latter days of the Empire, evolving out of traditions such as neo-Platonism and the worship of Sol Invictus. Unlike most other pagan religions, the cult of the Omnimessiah survived in secret, its resilience due largely to the sect’s relentless dedication to combating supernatural evil.

The followers of the Omnimessiah were believed to have been exterminated during the Albigensian Crusade in the 13th Century, but its members escaped into the Swiss Alps, where they operated for several hundred years.

In the late 1600s, the cult was brought to the Americas by the explorer Antoine Talon, who had received a vision of a great evil sleeping deep within a jagged mountain range. Talon learned from the natives the story of the Devourers, enormous soul-consuming terrors that had been banished beneath the Colorado Rockies millennia ago. The followers of the Omnimessiah established several small outposts in the Colorado Rockies, where they kept watch over the dark forces that dwelt below. However, as history rolled on, their numbers dwindled down to a small band.

In 1876, efforts to construct a railroad tunnel triggered a landslide that awoke one of the Devourers and the monster began preying on the railroad workers. Ignatius Talon, Primarch of the Omnimessiah, led his small band of followers into the mountains to confront the creature. Although they prevailed, almost all of the ancient sect was slain, including most of the knowledge holders, and the few survivors scattered to the four winds.

Cult of the Omnimessiah

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