Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City is the capital of the Protectorate of Deseret and also the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A bustling city laid out in an orderly grid, it has electricity and telephone service thanks to the presence of Hellstromme Ironworks, which operates out of the Junkyard to the east.

The federal government maintains a consulate in Salt Lake City, where Governor-General John C. Fremont nominally oversees the administration of the protectorate. In reality, internal affairs are left in the hands of Deseret President Brigham Young, whose word carries both legal and religious weight—except in the Junkyard, which has been unofficially turned over to Darius Hellstromme.

The Junkyard

East of Salt Lake City’s urban center is the factory district commonly known as the Junkyard. A persistent black cloud hangs over the tangled maze of pipes, cables, and ugly grey buildings. The smog is perpetually renewed by the sooty output of the dozens of smokestacks belching out waste from the factories that run round the clock.

The Junkyard is the domain of Hellstromme Ironworks, with the Deseret and federal governments largely turning a blind eye to the goings on there. A sickly urban jungle of power cables and natural gas pipes running between smog-blackened tenements, its residents are mostly the poor and desperate. Nominally policed by the Pinkertons and Hellstromme’s private security force, large portions of the Junkyard are left in the hands of local gangs, who control the local contraband trade and the underground bloodsports favored by the masses.

If Denver is the bright and shining vision of the New West, the Junkyard is its twisted mirror.

Junkyard Gangs

The two major gangs currently vying for control of the Junkyard are the Crooked Razors and the 10th Street Reds. The Crooked Razors are up and comers who have turned to augments for their edge. The 10th Street Reds are an established gang that serves as a vehicle for smuggling scavenged Hellstromme tech to the Klan.

Hightower tangled with a group of 10th Street Reds in the Museum, and in the process won the favor of the Crooked Razors. He later called on that connection to get the Razors’ help in skinning a dead Rattler.

Salt Lake City

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