The Terrantula, Theraphosa Gigantus, is the largest known arachnid, noted for its paralytic bite and aggressive nature. It can be readily identified by its unusual size and the markings on its abdomen, which vaguely resemble a human skull. The Terrantula’s preferred method of predation is to dig trapdoor burrows near frequently-traveled paths and roads, ambushing passers-by in lightning attacks.


Hatchling Terrantulas are about the size of a man’s palm. Inoffensive on their own, they hunt in packs to bring down larger prey. Terrantulas that live to adulthood grow to be the size of a small dog. Fortunately, the onset of adulthood also causes the creatures to become cannibalistic, limiting their numbers.

There have been a few scattered accounts of Terrantulas growing to be the size of a house, but these claims are dismissed by most biologists as physically impossible.

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