The Five Great Railroads


The major players in the bloody struggle to build the first Transcontinental Railroad, the Five Great Railroads have been fighting an undeclared war for more than fifteen years. It’s generally believed that they spend more time and effort sabotaging one another than they do laying track.

The defining characteristic of the Great Railroads is their Engines. Each railroad has two Engines, massive machines almost three stories high that run on aetherstone and travel faster than any other known vehicle. Their dimensions don’t quite seem to match up to Euclidean geometry and simply being in their presence leaves one feeling uneasy. No one outside of the Great Railroads has gotten a good look at their internal workings, but the things seem nigh-indestructible.

The Big Five

The Five Great Railroads include the following:

  • Central Rail: Headquartered in Kansas City, this line passes through Dodge City before curving up towards Denver. Central has fallen into the hands of a cabal of sorceresses known as the Wichita Witches.
  • Union Blue Railroad: Headquartered in Chicago, this line stretches across the plains towards Denver. Its ruthless owner, Dr. Thomas Durant, uses his War Department connections to equip his hand-picked goons with Heavy Weapons.
  • North Star Rail: Headquartered in Milwaukee, this line travels through Sioux territory all the way to Billings.
  • Lost Angel Railways: Headquartered in Los Angeles, this line follows the border east to just past Tombstone.
  • Golden State Railroad: Headquartered in San Francisco, this line recently pushed its way through the Sierra Nevada into Carson City.

Encounters with the Great Railroads

The heroes tangled with two posses of rail warriors in Denver, one a group of enforcers from Union Blue and the other a team from Central Rail, complete with witch.

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The Five Great Railroads

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