The Pinkerton National Detective Agency


Founded in 1850 by Allan Pinkerton, this private security and detective agency has become infamous over the past decade for serving as mercenaries for any number of Robber Barons. Pinkerton agents are known for their professionalism, heavy weapons, and a relentless dedication summed up in their company motto: “We Never Sleep.”

Although the Pinkertons have branch offices around the country, Allan Pinkerton moved the organization’s main headquarters to the Junkyard east of Salt Lake City several years ago, presumably to escape federal scrutiny.


The agency’s headquarters is a seven-story building in the heart of the Junkyard outside Salt Lake City proper. There are two ground floor entrances, the front doors and the Archives entrance. There is also a landing space, launch catapult and storage bay for Autogyros on the roof of the building. The party acquired detailed information about the layout of the facility after interrogating a captured Pinkerton.

  • Floor -1 (Basement): This part of the building is dedicated to storage and prison cells for low-level detainees.
  • Floor 0 (Archives): The exterior entrance to the Archives is left unlocked because the place itself does a good job of eliminating intruders. The sum total of Pinkerton’s knowledge, much of it occult, is contained in the Archives. As a result, the place no longer follows the laws of reality and tends to attract a host of dangerous creatures. The Archives is located on the ground floor, but can access every floor of the building.
  • Floor 1 (Lobby): This floor contains the entrance lobby as well as several meeting rooms and interrogation rooms. A central staircase leads to the next floor.
  • Floor 2 (Barracks/Armory): The second floor contains a dormitory for resident agents as well as the Pinkertons’ main armory. A central staircase leads to the next floor.
  • Floor 3 (Nexus): The nerve center of the Pinkerton’s national operation, this floor holds offices and a 24 hour telegraph station, constantly updated with reports from around the country.
  • Floor 4 (Special Projects): The research and testing area for the Pinkertons’ experiments into the occult or simply the unnatural.
  • Floor 5 (The Vaults): This floor consists of holding cells for high value prisoners and secure vaults for housing important artifacts.
  • Floor 6 (Scrying): This floor is dedicated to the Pinkertons’ supernatural divination efforts.
  • Floor 7 (Pinkerton’s Suite): This floor is dedicated to the personal residence of Allan Pinkerton, who has not been seen outside it for several weeks.
  • Rooftop (The Rookery): The roof of the building contains a flat open space for autogyros to land and well as a covered storage area to house them and a special catapult to launch them.

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The Pinkerton National Detective Agency

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