Argent New Haven

People may doubt his sanity and his theology, but they can't question his results.


(the picture is obviously meant to make you laugh, imagine seeing that in the Weird Wild West)

Agility: 10
Vigor: 6
Spirit: 6
Smarts: 4

Vow: Protect the Innocent
Quirk: Cries out during Battle

Arcane Background: Blessed / Miracles
First Strike: Once per Turn, a free strike against an enemy moving into an adjacent square
Hard to Kill: Wounds do not affect rolls to keep the player from incapacitation
Brawny: +1 Toughness and the player can carry up to 8 time his strength
Frenzy:Can make an extra fighting attack per round at a -2 penalty to all fighting rolls. Can target two different enemies.

Ballard Express: 24/48/96 2d10 AP: 2 +2 Shooting Scope
Colt Peacemaker 12/24/48 2d6 AP: 1
Silver Long Sword: 1d8 + Strength
Bayonet: 1d6 + Strength
Switch Blad: 1d4

Stick of Dynamite x 6
Lantern with oil
Gun Belt
Quick-Draw Holster
Breast Plate 2AP + Arcane Resistance
Switch Blade: 1d4 + Strength

Argent is a protector to those in need and likely the last follower of the Omnimessiah. Argent fights using a Winchester and is a skilled melee fighter using his Long Sword or Bayonet to protect his comrades.


When the cult of the Omnimessiah sacrificed itself to preserve the wards keeping the great Nycho-Teuthis imprisoned in the Rocky Mountains, Argent’s parents fled to start a new life in the nearby village. They would practice their faith in secret and teach their son Argent what little knowledge they had left of the old faith. The parents would one day never return home, believed to have been killed by creature of the Weird West.

- Vow: Protect the Innocent
Argent grew up with a strong sense of morality and goodwill taught to him by both his parents and by viewing the injustice and brutality of a nearby plantation. Argent took great displeasure in seeing the evils of slavery and swore to himself that he would one day rise to confront such evils. His gutting of the plantation owner during his attempt to rape one of the slave girls would land him prison.

- Overconfidence and Quirk: Yelling out during combat
Where Argent’s parent practiced the faith in secret, Argent practiced in public and took great pride as the last herald of the Omnimessiah. Knowing that he was essentially the last follower filled Argent with the belief that he was in some way favored and protected. His pride in his station and excitement towards confronting evil, including a perception of the ‘impure’ as weak, manifest itself during combat as Argent praises the Omnimessiah and his battles.

Faith in the Omnimessah
Among the screams of the suffering, Argent continuously heard cries for deliverance, screams to a higher power for protection and the destruction of evil. Argent’s parents taught him that these thoughts and hopes were universal in all beings, a common desire toward a greater good. Argent believes that these emotions and desires collect into the Omnimessiah and empowers those who fight for the ultimate good of humanity.

- Arcane Background
Argent realized that by calling upon the all hopes of people for a brighter tomorrow he could weave blessed powers of both healing and protection. Whether his powers actually derive from an Omnimessiah or are the product of the Weirdness occurring in the Western United States remains a mystery.

“My Will Shall Not Falter!”
“Death or Healing, I care not which you seek”
“For the Omnimessiah!”
“Faith is my Shield”
“He who stands with me shall be my brother”
“The enemy lies dead beneath the heels of our might boots”
“Flawed in spirit and now dead in body”
“Crucified before the power of our might”
“Death is the fate of Evil!”
“Through the Omnimessiah I am strong”

Argent New Haven

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