Denver is arguably the most technologically advanced city in the world, certainly in the West. Its most prominent resident is millionaire inventor Thomas Edison, who keeps his laboratory at Olmen Park on the northeast side of the city.

Denver is the provisional capital of the newly-formed State of Colorado. It is the only city west of the Mississippi with comprehensive telephone service and city-wide electric lighting.

The City Hall War

In 1879, reformist Governor Davis Hanson Waite took office and promptly dismissed three corrupt Denver city officials. The officials refused to step down, however, leading to a tense confrontation between the forces of local criminal kingpin “Soapy” Smith and the state militia. The intervention of the party managed to defuse the situation and resulted in the arrest of Soapy and his collaborators in the city government.

Key Locations in Denver

To the northwest of the city is Olmen Park, site of Thomas Edison’s laboratory and manufacturing center. The center of the city is occupied by the Business District, a bustling center of commerce and the location of most city and federal offices, including City Hall and the Denver Mint. West of the business center, brushing up against the South Platte River, is the red light district, known as the “Soap District,” supposedly because one needs a bath after going there. South of the business district is Colfax Avenue, which is lined with mansions, including the Governor’s Mansion. Colfax and Broadway is also the location of the Million Dollar Pasture, whose eccentric owner continues to graze cows on land worth a fortune. On the western side of the Platte is the Overflow, a slum of tents and lean-tos inhabited by down on their luck miners and other unfortunate souls.


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